(Above left) Standing in the middle of our future community garden!                                        

(Above) Community Garden Plan

My latest project going in the ground besides composting is applying for a financial grant from Whole Foods  for Compass Outdoors program, a function and component of Compass Prep Academy, Woodstock, Ga..  The Foundation supplies grants to non profits for the purpose of assisting children in the learning by doing  process of healthy nutrition from growing to ingesting good food. 

One incident from a school day this past semester left me encouraged.   A group of elementary students burst into several classrooms at lunchtime holding in each hand a bunch of carrots which they had planted many months before.  Their beaming faces and squeals spoke volumes to all who witnessed the portrayal!  You figure they will want to plant more this spring?  I am ready to find a tractor and get the back forty plowed right now.  This is the kind of reward that money cannot replace and propels me to do the hard work.  If anybody has 50-100 acres, a tractor, and some funds to help us with the school and Outdoors program, we will receive them with great thanksgiving and a promise to train many kids in these disciplines over the next many years.

Let’s get started! 


Forty-five to fifty years ago my dear mother via her garden club associations drafted me into gardening service digging holes, planting bulbs, flowers, and an occasional vegetable, and cultivating anything with a flower.  Observation of my drafted handiwork formed in me a decided appreciation for cause and effect in the this part of God’s creation.  This led to the realization with the aid of Sacred Scripture over time of cause and effect in everything in this life and the life to come.  This conceptual transfer has stuck with me since informing my primary vocations, as well, my marriage, family, and associations.  Growing and nurturing plants is not much different from marital, parental, and friendship/neighborly relationship developments, e.g. lots of patience, guarding, watering, weed pulling, fertilizing/composting, pruning, transplanting, sharing plants, yield, and experience.   The ultimate and true gardener has shown us in Word and Providence how to carry out the process and reality in order that we might follow after Him.  It always delights me to see my plants thrive and fruit in abudance in order that I might enjoy and share.  This is true of our Heavenly Father, i.e. He delights in us as we both think our thoughts after Him and follow in His ways.  When we wilt and are drying up, He in mercy either waters, feeds, and restores us, or pulls us up and puts us in the compost all for His glory and our good!  His mercies endure forever.  Too many analogies for one blog, and as in most, analogies often break down.  Well, it is all good.  I am very thankful for the ability to continue to garden, the experience over years of the same, and the opportunities to pass on to my children, children’s children, and any others with whom I might share this great discipline.  The disciplines of gardening are for another stream of consciousness blog.  Thanks be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

FYI, Abby put me onto blogging.  The pictures on the header of the blog which Abby provided are from my garden!  Thank you, dear little Abby.  Visit her Facebook page if interested in more of her photography.  http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/pages/BareFootFotos/121865324516250